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What are the ways to collect NRoSO CPD points?


Type of event

Maximum allowed per membership year 

Maximum permitted  points for this type of  event over the 3 year membership term


Pesticide assessment (8 points on achievement of assessment)



 b Meeting with an agronomist (2 points per meeting)

Two meetings per year


 c Technical  updates / seminars / conferences (1-7 points)



 d Company internal update (1- 6 points)




Open technical events
(with trail 2 - 6 points)
(without trail 2 points)




Membership/subscription for technical notes/ journals (2 points)

One subscription per year


 g Online distance learning (2 points per online module)

 Two modules per year


 h Attending NSTS sprayer test (3 points per year) 

One test per year


 i NRoSO annual training event (10 points)

 One Annual Training Event per year



Participative training event/PA refresher training (1 - 6 points)

 N/A  18

Ei Operator on-line learning (2 - 8 points)

(4 courses/year)


To enable CPD points to be added to your membership record, you will need to sign and provide your NRoSO membership number on the register provided at the event you attend. Failure to do so may mean that you will not gain the relevant NRoSO points for the event. Signing of an event register twice will not entitle you to double points.

A. Pesticide Assessment (8 points per qualification)

Pesticide assessment (Certificate of Competence in the Safe Use of Pesticides) - 8 points can be claimed for achieving an application qualification providing the member joins within twelve months of certification (for new members only). Each additional application qualification (PA2 - PA13, Grandfather Rights Award and Level 3 Responsible Pesticide Management Award) achieved will be awarded a further 8 NRoSO points, evidence will need to be provided of this by sending in a copy of your Certificate of Competence once you have received this.

More information can be found at member can claim a maximum of 32 points over the three year term). If you have achieved any other CRD specified Certificate you will need to notify us and provide evidence of this.

B. Meeting with an agronomist (2 points)

This could involve a range of activities, including discussing crop protection and environmental concerns with an agronomist. A form (‘Record of meetings with Agronomist/Technical Advisor for the allocation of CPD points’) exists specifically for this purpose and will be included within your membership pack. This form can also be accessed here.2 CPD points are available per meeting, maximum of 4 per year. The form needs to be returned within three months of the meeting.

C. Technical Updates / Seminars / Conferences (1 - 7 points)

Specific briefings on pesticide products, application equipment, updates on legislation/ techniques/etc are included within this category and can qualify for up to 7 CPD points, depending on the length and content of the course.

D. Company Internal Update (1 - 6 points)

Company internal updates can qualify for up to 6 CPD points per event depending on the length and content of the course.

E. Open Technical Events (2 – 6 points)

These are divided into two groups: either specific, technically guided demonstrations, trials and knowledge trails can attract up to 6 CPD points each.  Relevant events with no guidance given could receive up to 2 points. Trade shows will also be pointed under this category.

F. Membership of an organisation providing technical notes or subscription to journals (2 points)

This includes membership or subscription to ADAS, SAC, STRI, HGCA, TAG, United Oilseeds, In Contact etc.  Similar regular updates such as company technical newsletters are also included in this group if there is a NRoSO reference number allocated to it. 

Please note that we will be advised of your subscription by the publisher of the technical newsletter.  Details for claiming points will be within the newsletter.

Weekly/monthly trade publications are not included, therefore we are unable to allocate points for either posted or scanned copies of land-based magazine covers.

G. Online Distance Learning (2 points)

The use of the internet as a “distance learning” tool will be eligible for CPD points, as long as there is an approved assessment system.  The online learning provider will need to submit an application for the learning module to qualify for CPD points.

H. Attending NSTS test (3 points)

3 CPD points are available for members who attend and are actively involved in an NSTS (National Sprayer Testing Scheme) test. All members will be issued with a form to record attendance at the NSTS test, which the registered tester will be required to sign. This form can be accessed here.
For any queries relating to the test, please directly call NSTS on 08456 448748

I. NRoSO Annual Training Event (10 points)

Members attending this half day event are entitled to 10 CPD points. This event runs throughout the majority of the UK from November to March (this may differ in certain parts of the country). Details of where these events are being held can either be obtained through speaking to your agronomist, visiting agricultural websites such as Agrii, Agrovista, Hutchinsons or alternatively looking at the NRoSO website. 

The course is designed for use with farmers and sprayer operators working on arable,mixed and vegetable farms.  Specially adapted versions of the course, suitable for those working with fruit and protected crops, will also be available. Delegates will receive a comprehensive delegate workbook and a range of relevant supporting materials. The half day course will be delivered by NRoSO trained crop protection distributors and freelance trainers.
Operators have the opportunity to share tips and solutions that work for them and learn about best practice techniques that they could adopt in the future from others attendingthe event. 


Details of next year’s course will be made available in due course.

J. Participative Training / PA Refresher Training (1 - 6 points)

Participative training includes activities that involve a significant amount of trainee involvement.  As a consequence numbers should not normally be more than 15 per trainer, otherwise participation by trainees within the group will be limited.  Where numbers exceed 15 trainees (per trainer), the training event will normally be classified as a seminar of conference, attracting a lower points rating.  where a larger number of trainees are involved but split in to syndicate groups for part of the course, this can be taken in to account where written details of the group activities are provided.

PA Refresher Training will offer members the chance to refresh their PA application skills as well as keeping up to date with current legislation.  The course will be based on the current PA qualification suite and will need to involve a significant amount of trainee involvement. Dependent on the length of the event, a member can claim up to 6 points.

K.   Ei Operator online learning (2 - 8 points)

NRoSO members can access an exclusive Ei OPERATOR training course worth 2 CPD points, free of charge. Simply watch the video, take the test and earn 2 CPD points. 

To access additional training with a further 6 NRoSO CPD points you can also opt in to become an EiO subscriber for just £30 a year (UK).

NRoSO will update to your membership profile with Ei Operator CPD points within 30 days.

Log in with your membership number at


Where to send your CPD evidence?

Due to the volume of paperwork we receive, all paperwork is securely destroyed once processed. Therefore, please only send photocopies and keep original documents for your own records.

All evidence should be submitted to us either at the address below, scanned via e-mail to 
Please clearly mark the paperwork with your NRoSO membership number.
NRoSO Support Team
City & Guilds
4 Redhall Court
Paragon Business Village



Agronomist meeting forms


Application for CPD points (for trainers/event organisers only) 

Notes to Support Allocation of CPD points

Interactive Learning for Trade Shows