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What are the ways to collect NRoSO CPD points?


                         type of event

maximum points allocated per membership year 

maximum permitted  points for this type of  event over the 3 year membership term


participative training event / pesticide assessment  



 b meeting with an agronomist (2 points per meeting)



c technical updates and seminars



d open technical conferences



e open technical events / specialist  shows




membership/subscription for technical notes/ journals (trade magazines no longer accepted from 01/01/2010)



g online distance learning (2 points per online module)



h attending NSTS sprayer / fogger test



i NRoSO annual training event



a)      Participative Training Event / Pesticide Assesment (2 – 12 points)

Participative training includes activities that involve a significant amount of trainee involvement. As a consequence numbers should not normally be more than 15 per trainer, otherwise participation by trainees within the group will be limited. Where numbers exceed 15 trainees (per trainer), the training event will normally be classified as a seminar or conference, attracting a lower points rating. Where a larger number of trainees are involved but split into syndicate groups for part of the course, this can be taken into account where written details of the group activities are provided. Attendees will normally be issued with an attendance certificate and should sign the NRoSO attendance register to allow the points to be automatically added to their CPD statements. An example of a Participative Training Event is a Pesticide Refresher Training course.

Pesticide assessment  (Level 2 Awards in the Safe application of Pesticides (PA2 - PASC)) - 8 points can be claimed providing the member joins within twelve months of certification. Each additional application qualification (PA2 - PASC) achieved will be awarded a further 8 NRoSO points, up to the annual maximum. If additional units are taken within an application award already held a further 2 points will be added to your record.

Please contact the office or email a scanned copy of your certificates with your membership  number for your record to be updated. More information on the qualifications can be found at   

b)      Meeting with an agronomist (2 points)

This could involve a range of activities, including discussing crop protection and environmental concerns with an agronomist. A form (‘Record of meetings with Agronomist/Technical Advisor for the allocation of CPD points’) exists specifically for this purpose and will be included within your membership pack. This form can also be accessed here. 2 CPD points are available per meeting.

 c)      Technical Updates and Seminars (2 – 3 points)

Specific briefings on pesticide products, application equipment, updates on legislation/ techniques/etc are included within this type of activity.

 d)      Open Technical Conferences (2-6 points)

Technical conferences include those organised by NFU, RASE, BPC, etc and these can qualify for a maximum of 6 CPD points per day.

 e)      Open Technical Events (2 – 4 points)

These are divided into two groups: either specific, technically guided demonstrations and trials events that can attract 4 CPD points each, or general demonstration where no guidance is given.  The latter group, along with trade shows, will be allocated 2 points.

f)      Membership of an organisation providing technical notes or subscription to

        journals (2 points)

This includes membership or subscription to ADAS, SAC, STRI, HGCA, TAG, United   Oilseeds, In Contact, Masstock technical Updates etc.  Similar regular updates such as company technical newsletters are also included in this group.

Please note from the 1st January 2010 we no longer accept magazine covers/subscriptions towards CPD points. However, for any previous years within current membership terms we can backdate one magazine subscription per year (worth 2 points each).

g)    Online Distance Learning (2 points)

The use of the internet as an information source will be acceptable providing there is an  approved assessment system. The use of the internet as a “distance learning” activity will be eligible for CPD points based on the application received by City & Guilds from the online learning provider. An example of online distance learning is the Farmers Weekly Academy website ( which has approximately 40 online learning modules that are registered for 2 CPD points each.

h)   Attending NSTS test (3 points)

3 CPD points are available for members who attend an NSTS (National Sprayer Testing Scheme) test. All members will be issued with a form to record attendance at the NSTS test, which the registered tester will be required to sign. This form can be accessed here.

 For any queries relating to the test, please call directly through to NSTS on 08456 448748

i)   NRoSO Annual Training Event (10 points)

Members attending this half day event are entitled to 10 CPD points. This event runs throughout the majority of the UK from November to March (this may differ in certain parts of the country). Details of where these events are being held can either be obtained through speaking to your agronomist or alternatively looking at the NRoSO website.

The event for 2015/16 is titled “Sprayer Care and Technology" and will feature videos and participative training.  Topics covered include:

  • Sprayer Care and Technology - Interim checks and NSTS requirements for the annual test, calibration of your machine, new technologies
  • Adjuvants  - how they work, getting the best from them and why you are using them
  • A topical update on the latest issues

The course is designed for use with farmers and sprayer operators working on arable, mixed and vegetable farms.  Specially adapted versions of the course, suitable for those working with fruit and protected crops are also available. Delegates will receive a comprehensive delegate workbook that will be used during the course. As in previous years the half day course will be delivered by NRoSO trained crop protection distributors and freelance trainers.

Operators will have the opportunity to share tips and solutions that work for them and share best practice techniques with others attending the event.


Agronomist meeting forms


Application for CPD points (for trainers/event organisers only)

Notes to Support Allocation of CPD points

Interactive Learning for Trade Shows