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Click on a particular event if you would like more information. Please note that these events are not organised directly by NRoSO and enquiries are sent to the event organiser.

Course NameOrganisationEvent DateLocationCPD Points
9345Advisors and Influencers Technical MeetingNO458474cSyngenta Crop Protection UK Ltd
10282Agronomy - The Year to DateNO459409dThe Training Association
10163Alternative Forage Crops - 14.08.13NO459292aADAS
12457ARTIS Optimising nutrients for combinable crops - DO NOT USENO461585cNIAB
10563BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection - PotatoesNO459690aChelmsford & Wessex Training Group
10937Best Practice in the Safe Use of PesticidesNO460065cChris Seabridge & Associates Ltd
10320Brassica Growers Association R & D Meeting 10.10.13NO459447cRobertson Crop Services
10688Cereal ChallangeNO459816aDAERA
10285Cereal Discussion Group - 02.10.13NO459412cMid Kent Training
10687Certis Cropsafe News - BARNO459815fPinstone Communications
10876Certis 'PotatoSafe News' 15NO460004fPinstone Communications01/03/2015 - 31/10/2015
9795Claydon Open Days - 15 May 2013 - 23 May 2013NO458924cClaydondrill
11082Cornish Potato Day 2014NO460210cAHDB - Potatoes
11012East Kent Fruit Society visit to Highland Court FarmNO460140cEast Kent Fruit Society
9369ELS Best Practice Trainig: On-farm WalkNO458498aFarm Environmental Services
9255FACTS Training Course - 2013NO458384aThe Training Association
10791Fargro Crop Talk MagazineNO459919fFargro Ltd
11620Farm Health Check and Cover Crops Event - do not useNO460748cADAS
9654Farm Water Pathway Management NO458783aADAS
9847Farmers Weekly Academy - Fertiliser 4 Micronutrients for arable Crops - NOT IN USENO458976gFarmers Weekly
10555Fast School of Fruit Growing - Blueberry CourseNO459682cFruit Advisory Services Team
8708Field Vegetable Crops - Advanced Module - 31.01.12NO457837aChelmsford & Wessex Training Group
9845Greencast WebsiteNO458974gSyngenta Crop Protection UK Ltd01/01/13 - 31/12/2013
11055Growing Beet MagazineNO460183fSesvanderhave
10708Growing beet magazineNO459836fSesvanderhave24/01/2014
9387Growing Oilseeds Booklet Spring 2013NO458516fUnited Oilseeds Marketing Limited
10436HDC IPPS Study Day - 12.11.13NO459563cAHDB Horticulture
11185HDC Strawberry Variety Trial Open DayNO460313cAHDB Horticulture
9301Interactive Spray DayNO458430cThe Training Association
9300Interactive Spray DayNO458429cThe Training Association
10132Introduction To Agronomy - 22.08.13NO459261eDuchy College
10133Introduction to Crop Protection Management NO459262eDuchy College
10167IPPS Conference 2013NO459296cUniversity of Lincoln
9969Kent Quality Digestate and Compost use in AgricultureNO459098cEarthcare Technical Ltd
10849Lantra Awards - Boom Sprayer - Hydraulic Nozzle (PA2)NO459977aPMR Direct
10850Lantra Awards Granular Applicators (PA4)NO459978aPMR Direct
10851Lantra Awards Hand Held Applicators - Hydraulic Nozzles (PA6)NO459979aPMR Direct
10848Lantra Awards Safe Use of Pesticides Course (PA1)NO459976aPMR Direct
9353Launch of Catchment Sensitive Farming in the Mimmshall Brook, HertfordshireNO458482cRural Development Services UK Ltd
10595Learn Stakeholder Workshop - 09/01/2014NO459723cAHDB Cereals and Oilseeds
10938Litlington Discussion GroupNO460066cCeres Rural
9398London Clay Agronomy Group - 13.11.2012NO458527aChelmsford & Wessex Training Group
11272Maize Growers Association Annual MembershipNO460400fMaize Growers Association22/07/2014
10917Managing Broad Leaved Weed ResistanceNO460045gFarmers Weekly
12506Managing metazachlor in oilseed rapeNO461634gFarmers Weekly10/07/2015 - 10/07/2016
10546Metaldehyde and Water don't mixNO459673a
10696Milling Wheat Breakfast WorkshopsNO459824cAHDB Cereals and Oilseeds
10188National Fruit Show: Say NO to DRIFT QuestionnaireNO459317fPinstone Communications16-17 October 2013
12711Nemathorin Stewardship On LineNO461839gSyngenta Crop Protection UK Ltd01/10/2015 - 31/05/2016
10173NMP / FACTS Update CourseNO459302aDorset Training Group
10564NMP CourseNO459691aChelmsford & Wessex Training Group
13254NOT TO USENO462382cPGRO
9931NW Potato Storage Meeting 2013NO459060aAHDB - Potatoes
10995Oilseed Rape: Genetics for High YieldsNO460123gFarmers Weekly
10194Outdoor Cucurbits R & D MeetingNO459323a
9178PA2 Training & AssessmentNO458307aGrowtrain Associates
9180PA3 Training & AssessmentNO458309aGrowtrain Associates
9179PA4 Training & AssessmentNO458308aGrowtrain Associates
9246PA4s - Slug Pellets 01/12/12 to 30/05/2013NO458375aEastern Training Alliance
10565Pesticide Formulations and Modes of ActionNO459692aChelmsford & Wessex Training Group
9801Pesticide Update Training - VOIDNO458930aGrowtrain Associates
12291Potash News - NewsletterNO461419fPotash Development AssociationMay 2015 - May 2016
12905Potato Enterprise 2016 Session 1NO462033cThe Training Association
9797Prep for PA2 Assessment - Field Crop Sprayer - 15 April 2013NO458926aLark Valley Training
11040Preventing Water PollutionNO460168cKnight Farm Machinery
11759Prospects & Planning for Harvest 2015 & BeyondNO460887cGrainco
9992Reading of PGRO Updates and PublicationsNO459121fPGRO01.06.13 - 31.05.14
10576Reading of Weekly Advisory NewsletterNO459704fFruit Advisory Services Team
9991Receiving and Reading of PGRO Crop BulletinsNO459120fPGRO01.06.13 - 31.05.14
10177Registered User of CropMonitor Website and Alerts ServiceNO459306gFood & Environment Research Agency
10710Rhizoctonia in sugar beetNO459838fSesvanderhave24/01/2014
10707Rhizomania in sugar beetNO459835fSesvanderhave24/01/2014
10544Safe Use of Aluminium Phosphide for Vertebrate Pest ControlNO459671aNorth Lincs Rural Training Group
11220SCEPTRE Weeds Open EventNO460348cAHDB Horticulture
11007Seed Treatment StewardshipNO460135gFarmers Weekly
11006Setting up your sprayerNO460134gFarmers Weekly
10281Spray Operator Top Up CourseNO459408aThe Training Association
10601Sprayer Washings: Biobeds, Biofilters & Phytobacs - 06/03/2014NO459729eLEAF
11204SRUC - HGCA Open DayNO460332eSRUC
10535Sugar Beet and Potato AgronomyNO459662cEly & District Training Group
10612Sustainable Use Directive Questionnaire - 21/01/2014NO459740cDAERA
9825Sustainable water system for livestock workshopNO458954aADAS
11229Turnips Yellow VirusNO460357gFarmers Weekly11/07/2014
10632Understanding Soil and Nutrient Management in Root - 25/02/2014NO459760eADAS
10884Warburtons Winter Wheat Technical BriefingNO460012cOpenfield
10793Weed and Disease IdentificationNO459921gJ K Senior & Sons