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Click on a particular event if you would like more information. Please note that these events are not organised directly by NRoSO and enquiries are sent to the event organiser.

Course NameOrganisationEvent DateLocationCPD PointsEvent Website
21826Croptec Show 2022NO470954eCity & Guilds NRoSO23/11/2022East of England Showground, Peterborough, PE2
21826Croptec Show 2022NO470954eCity & Guilds NRoSO24/11/2022East of England Showground, Peterborough, PE2
21282Ei Operator module - Attention to detailNO470410lMWR Media
21473Ei Operator module - FormulationsNO470601kMWR Media2022
21343Ei Operator module - PPE: Get CoveredNO470471kMWR Media2022
21283Ei Operator module - Pro CourseNO470411lMWR Media
21104Ei-operator module - LERAP'sNO470232kMWR Media2022
21103Ei-operator module - Safe and Legal in StoreNO470231kMWR Media2022
21106Ei-operator module - StewardshipsNO470234kMWR Media2022
21825Fruit Focus 2022NO470953eCity & Guilds NRoSO13/07/2022NIAB EMR, East Malling, ME19
21362Subscription to BeeConnected NO470490gThe Vountary Initiative31/12/2022