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Welcome to the 2017-18 NRoSO Annual Training Event

The course outline is detailed below: Sprayers, Water, Application, Tips (SWAT). More information will be available in the autumn from your usual Annual Training Event provider.

This year’s event is divided into four sections. 

The first section is Current Issues. This covers items that are in the national news and that we feel are worth discussing in more detail. This section will also cover specific local issues that your presenter will tailor to your geographical area or crop production system. 

The second section is Water Protection. In this section we will look at how pesticides get in to water, the impact of pesticides in water, what you as operators can do to minimise the risks to water and you will produce a farm action plan. 

The third section of the workshop is Application. In this section we will look at preventing drift, nozzles and application techniques. 

The final section is Top-Tips and Technology. This section will contain a collection of Top Tips from Farm Sprayer of the Year (FSOOTY) finalists and a look at closed transfer systems for pesticides.

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