Terms & Conditions for NRoSO Members

Achievement of Points

A total of 30 CPD points must be achieved within each three year membership term.

Failure to Achieve Points

Members who fail to achieve the required 30 points will initially be suspended for 90 days.
After the 90 days, if the required points have still not been achieved the member will be cancelled.

Once cancelled a member cannot re-join the scheme for a minimum of 12 months from the date of cancellation.

Reinstatement of Current Membership from Suspended Status

If a member achieves 30 CPD points whilst suspended the membership will be reinstated to current status and an ID card issued provided the membership fee has been paid. The outstanding points required to make up the shortfall must be backdated within the previous three year membership term. A maximum of 10 points can be carried over into the next three year membership term.

Payment of Fees

If a member fails to make payment within 60 days of their renewal date they will be cancelled from the scheme and will not be eligible to re-join for a period of twelve months from the date of cancellation.

Inactivated Memberships

It is the member's responsibility to ensure that we hold correct contact details.

Members will be made inactive if we do not hold correct address details and are unable to contact them. We will make best efforts to contact the member or employer (by letter, email and/or telephone) to obtain the correct details before making them inactive.

Members emigrating abroad or who are no longer spraying pesticides will also be inactivated.

If a member has been made inactive and then wishes to re-join the scheme they should call into the NRoSO Support Team on 02476 857300 to discuss whether they are eligible to re-join.

Illness Months

Members who are ill for an extended period of time may be granted an extension to their current three membership term in order to achieve the required 30 points. Written evidence of the illness must be provided, usually in the form of a doctor's note, before a decision can be made by the NRoSO administrator.