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Want to do some online training with Ei OPERATOR? Here’s how:

Go to

(If you already have an account, LOG IN with your email/username and password).

If you are NEW to Ei OPERATOR:

On the HOME PAGE, you will see reference to one of three options:

  1. £25 for three courses (6 points) – EiO Subscription. These are our short courses and each is worth 2 points each upon completion. You can earn these points each year.
  2. NRoSO FREE course – worth 2 points upon completion and can also be taken every year.
  3. £30 Annual Training (Arable or Fruit). This is a one-off fee to enrol on this course. It is a long-course format (up to 2.5 hours) and is worth 8 points for completing. Closes June 2021.


From the HOME PAGE, click on the first option you wish to buy, check it meets your requirements and ADD TO BASKET.

Return to the HOME PAGE to add any additional courses you wish to enrol on. ADD TO BASKET. (Although free, you still need to add the FREE NRoSO course to your basket before checking out).

When you have all courses you wish to purchase, go to VIEW BASKET and then CHECK OUT (please make sure you only have one of each item as you cannot buy two EiO subscriptions for example).

If you are already a subscriber to one of our products, it will tell you so. You will need to remove that item and then continue to check out.

When you check out, you will be asked all the information needed to create your account with us and capture your name, NRoSO number, address etc so we can associate your points for online training with your account details. This ensures when we send them to NRoSO all the details match.

Once you have completed the check-out process, you can IMMEDIATELY access the courses you have purchased. Go to the ONLINE TRAINING page whilst still logged in, where you will be able to see which courses you are enrolled onto. (Please refresh your page if necessary). Click on SEE MORE to take you to the first page of the course.

If you are adding multiple accounts, for individual sprayer operators, each account will need a unique email address, their own password and you should make sure the named person on the account matches the NRoSO number supplied. You will also need to make sure you LOG OUT of each new account, before starting another one. If you are setting up the account for someone else, please ensure you tell them the log in details, which will be the email/username and password you have set.

We are unable to process multiple accounts in any other way since we need to match training records to each individual sprayer operator. Please be aware this can take a little bit of time and patience. You cannot create an account without having a valid NRoSO number. If the name and membership number do not match NRoSO cannot apply your points.

For further information, head to our Frequently Asked Questions page at


COVID-19 Updates

We understand that these are extraordinary and unprecedented times, if you find your renewal date imminent and have not achieved the required CPD points to move forward, please contact our friendly NRoSO Support Team who will be happy to help review your membership details and advise where additional points can be achieved. We are dealing with issues on a case by case basis.

COVID-19 - Update regarding office and staff

In light of the current situation we find ourselves in unprecedented times, we would like to assure you we continue to administer your memberships and remain available via call and email to answer any queries you may have concerning your membership. We ask for your support at this time by any sending correspondence such as CPD evidence via email to Postal submissions will be actioned but may be delayed.

Payments can be made via your online secure login, bank transfer, Direct Debit we would ask you refrain from making payments by cheque at this time.

If you do not have access to your secure login please call the team on 02476 857300 and they will be happy to add this for you, this will allow access to the secure site allowing you to view and upload CPD and make secure online payments.

We will continue to issue letters and memberships cards whilst the postal service is available. If you have any questions or need assistance please do let the team know via the number above or


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